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Message from Bud

Yoooo Bud here. I'm takin over my Del Mar myspace for a minute to give ya'll exclusive info on what's to come with Sublime w/Rome (sorry Mike, Matt & wifey- if SILVERLACK would give me & Eric access to Sublime's myspace I wouldn't have to bogart ours). Anyway, Eric and I are looking forward to playing the Smoke Out on Oct 24th, been a long time since I've seen Cypress Hill & with Cheech & Chong together again seems only fitting for Eric and I to be sharing a stage with them :)

I'm checkin out some new kits, leaving the Yamaha's in the shop for this show and seeing how a new set feels on the road... The kit I normally play is a Yamaha Maple Custom but I'm looking at the Reference Series from Pearl, pretty interesting concept with the multiple types of wood in different drums.


Video Shoot & Riverside Date

Hey Now.  We regretfully have to let everybody know that our Punk Rock Against Meth Riverside date has been postponed until September, we had issues with funding so you if you know of a business or very nice person that would like to donate some cash to a great cause send 'em our way! Punk Rock Against Meth must live! On a happy note, we're filming our video for "Beach Bum" down in Venice Beach on the day the Riverside date was supposed to be, July 26, so if you live down there & wanna be an extra come on down. We'll be filming until the man shuts us down, should be a fun fuckin shoot.

Bud's Adventures

Soooo... After the Quake has been out for a couple days now, we're getting great feedback and wanna thank all those who've supported us since the get-to. Clearly it's not easy on the DIY tip but we do it cuz we love it and maybe eventually the money will flow in :)

In other news Bud's got some very exciting things on the horizon, as does Del Mar, and we're just praying hands to the skies that it all works out. Won't go into details yet but one thing I can tell you is Bud continues to work very hard at his sobriety and with his new found happiness he's discovered living clean and sober, he aims to give back. If all things fall into place and the opportunity is afforded Bud plans on opening a rehab center for teens, with sponsorship opportunities available for those who cannot afford it. We're looking to eventually open a 12 bed rehab with Bud's personal counselor and best friend as lead counselor. The rehab would not only help those who seek to live a healthy life get clean, but would also be focused around music and the legacy and tragedy of Sublime.

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