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Back Home

Boy its good to be back home. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, I am setting myself up for years of reclusion. This was the best and smoothest running tour I have ever experienced! Even with a few snags here and there it was the best tour I have ever been on! I equate that to the fans first and foremost! The energy at these shows was undeniably Off the Hook! Speaking of "Off the Hook" I am dying to get some sushi from my favorite restaurant in South Lake! The Krew... Best group of guys ever! Totally made this thing happen even when they weren't allowed to make any noise until after 5pm... we still got the rig built, checked 3 bands and had time to chill before doors!!! A-effin-mazing! And this was supposed to be the hell trip?!?!??? I can't wait for the next run this summer! I will see you out there!!!

Peace, Bud.

Del Mar On Tour - 420 Days, Sleepless Nights, And Lots O' Loud Crowds! By Mike Martinez

Hey this is Mike writing...somewhere between Chicago and Indianapolis. This is Del Mar's first BIG tour opening for the Dirty Heads and Sublime With Rome. Our first show of the tour was appropriately on 420 in Hollywood. Matt, me, and the Babymaker drive down to LA on the 19th to hang out with some friends & family and got to the venue mid next day. Since were the openers, we helped roll in the amps & guitars and then met up with Bud & Nicole, drank some beers (not Bud), and went over some new songs we have been working on. The Palladium kickoff shows were BOOMING! Great sound - great crowd at this show.  Backstage was nuts too. Hopefully we'll get some pics up soon so you can check 'em out.
In Oakland, Del mar did not get to play the Fox Theater. but we still came along for the ride to party and kick back with the crowd. Matt, me & the Babymaker rolled through the streets of Oakland on skateboards with one thing on our mind - beer! Finally found a store that's has booze-got a 12 each. The crazy ride back was someone asking for a beer every block. We made it back in one piece. Got in the car, picked up Big Red from the bus station, got back to the show, drank with the bands, drank with the crowd, and enjoyed a great show. A really fucking great show! After the show we had fans asking why we didn't play but told them to join us in Reno.
Speaking of Reno, gotta love playing in the home town, the fans are great and a lot of them are close friends and family. It was a great show and amazingly we had some great energy even after all that partying. Needless to say, the crowd was nuts. Love playing in front of our friends and in Reno we have friends at every corner. Thanks Churchill for the drink hookup. Thanks to everyone for the awesome after party.
When we played Denver, it was by far the most energetic crowd we have seen yet. All stoked to see us -conversations with a lot of great fans, all very friendly people. Made us feel right at home, like a house party where you know everyone. The crowd was freaking amazing.

After some much needed sleep, it was onto Chicago. Chicago was awesome, went walking for about 4 hrs to find a good hot dog, check out the stadium, and walk around the lake, and
finally getting back to the venue in time for sound check. We went on at 7:30, and the energy from the crowd was awesome. Great to see all the fans out there supporting the tour. Talking to people after the show hearing they came from 2 - 6 hours away to come out and see us. Wow! Some saw us in Reno. Some were checking us out for the 1st time and went out of their way to stop us in the crowd to say "great show, where's the next one?" After hanging with the crowd, we get back to the bus to find Bud had ordered pizza from Lou Malnatis Pizzeria. Awesome! Can't wait for some New York pizza though. Heard it's the bomb. For now though, it's off to Indianapolis and then Columbus. Middle America. Cool.

Paintin Bud's tour Guitars


Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement: Matt Bode and Mike Martinez, guitar/ singer and bass player of Del Mar, today told their bosses to "SHOVE IT!" "This job sucks more C@*% than you do!" Its a good thing they have a back up plan... well sort of... Seriously though, Del Mar is stoked to be opening shows for Sublime w/ Rome this summer. We are going to see Pennywise tonite at the GSR and rub it in for good measure!! Del Mar has a few new tunes that we will be dropping on you this time out so be sure not to miss it!

Fletcher of Pennywise speaks on upcoming SUBLIME performance

Fletcher of Pennywise gives his thoughts on upcoming SUBLIME performance at this years Cypress Hill Smokeout



There comes a time in every artists life's

There comes a time in every artists life's when they say to themselves, "Why do I attempt to play music and make a living at it? Wouldn't it just be easier to work at the post office?" But then, this little voice comes in that says, "I make music because it's what I love, it's all I know, and it's what the people want..." (Well, for SOME artists, anyhow.)

And then there are those who work in the business side of music, who see the artists and music as simply an object, as dollar signs, they only see music as a way to achieve power, money, fame, that's all it is to them. And those types of people are the ones responsible for putting the shittiest of the shit music on the radio, on MTV, they are responsible for keeping artists strung out because it means they can control them and use them- poor Michael Jackson is the perfect point in case.

Now we're not saying that people over at oh say Silverback would be those types of people, but what we are saying is that Silverback does not want Eric and Bud to play the music they created together anymore, and would love to derail the whole thing. Forget that Bud and Eric are not only happy and no longer strung out (thanks to Jamie and Level 7 managemet Cheez and Andy you're the best), but they are ready to create again because that's what they love and all they know how to do.  Silverback will not be getting a piece as they have taken so much from Bud, Eric, and Troy/Jake already (in our opinion, of course.)

If it upsets you that a management firm, a suit & tie operation is attempting to destroy Bud and Eric's reunion, maybe write them personally and ask them why they would want that. Ask them to give a good excuse as why Brad's music shouldn't have the chance to live on, why Jakob shouldn't have the opportunity to be set for life as his fathers legacy along with the rest of the band have rightfully secured this for him. Send good ole Jon Phillips and Blaine Kaplan an email asking these important questions & demanding answers.

Jon Phillips This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Blaine Kaplan This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Much Love in Jah Always,

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