Del Mar Interview

Their new album After the Quake, and touring plans with Sublime!


I recently did an artist-on-artist interview, over the phone, with a band named Del Mar. They’re a mix of surf and punk, promoting their recent album release After The Quake. Rather than review the album, I decided to get up close and personal seeing as our bands have become friends over the past year.

Del Mar – Artist on Artist Interview
Interviewed by:
Allan Kaspar of The DnA Project (
(members of Del Mar present: Nicole Gaugh, Bud Gaugh, Matt Bode, Mike Martinez) OK I want to keep this pretty informal and relaxed. So lets just start, for the fans that don’t know you, with some introductions. Who’s all here with us and who does what?

Nicole Gaugh: Alright this is Nicole Gaugh, I do rhythm guitar and vocals (sometimes).

Matt Bode: Matt Bode and I do lead guitar and vocals.

Mike Martinez: Mike, I play bass and… that’s it (laughter)

Bud Gaugh: I’m Bud… and I’m master of the MOTHERF*&(ER!
(more laughter)

Nicole: That’s all he does.

MCM: That’s awesome, awesome. So Del Mar, you guys have come about, was it all at once? Did you guys sit in a room and say, “You know what, this is it!” I know your myspace page said you formed to “keep outta trouble with the law…”


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DEL MAR -After The Quake should be available at your favorite indie record store.
If they don't have it, tell them to order it from Burnside Distribution  (503) 231-0876

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