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Yoooo Bud here. I'm takin over my Del Mar myspace for a minute to give ya'll exclusive info on what's to come with Sublime w/Rome (sorry Mike, Matt & wifey- if SILVERLACK would give me & Eric access to Sublime's myspace I wouldn't have to bogart ours). Anyway, Eric and I are looking forward to playing the Smoke Out on Oct 24th, been a long time since I've seen Cypress Hill & with Cheech & Chong together again seems only fitting for Eric and I to be sharing a stage with them :)

I'm checkin out some new kits, leaving the Yamaha's in the shop for this show and seeing how a new set feels on the road... The kit I normally play is a Yamaha Maple Custom but I'm looking at the Reference Series from Pearl, pretty interesting concept with the multiple types of wood in different drums.

Also, We aim to please so in your professional Sublime-fan opinions what type of designs would you like to see for the merchandise for the Smoke Out? And what kind of merch? Shirts? Hoodies? Hats? Lemme know. Just message me here on Del Mar's myspace. Speaking of Del Mar we're playing a big Halloween party at Underground in Reno with Keyser Soze Oct 30th so everybody needs to make it out.

***** IMPORTANT***** Do me & Eric a favor- let all your friends who are into our music know that we have NO ACCESS to the Sublime myspace & the people running it have nothing to do with us so if you want to get in touch with us hit us up here. For now.
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